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Training Charlie

These are raw unedited video clips of me working with Charlie. It’s the good, the bad, and the ugly, including my many mistakes; 1. moving my hand to my chest when he comes to the front position. I didn’t realize I was doing this… Continue Reading “Training Charlie”

Why Crate Train?

There are many beneficial reasons for crate training. For puppies and young dogs and even some adult dogs new to living inside, it speeds up the potty training. It’s provides the dog with his/her own private space and keeps your dog safe when home… Continue Reading “Why Crate Train?”

Dog Communication

Scent, Odor, Movement, and Materials

K9 – On a search mission keep in mind wind direction and unique conditions affecting airflow. Here are the newest versions and some new ones! Link: more info: K9Sensus Foundation

Easy Way to Crate Train a Dog

Reading Dog Body Language – Do you know when your dog is uncomfortable in social situations?

Canine Communication

When meeting a dog for the first time, do you stick your hand out so the dog can smell it?


The Canine Learning Theory

I came across this article when searching for information on the learning process for dogs. I have heard so many dog owners say I use only positive reinforcement to train. I always ask for them to give me examples of their positive reinforcement… Continue Reading “The Canine Learning Theory”