2019 Trainees

This is BUCKee the 1/2 Husky 1/2 Old English Bulldog.
He is the first dog who I trained other than my personal dogs.
Cash the Boxer Puppy, Harlow the Mini Schnauzer and Charlie the Poodle
Roxy the 1/2 Boxer 1/2 Pit Bull
Piper and Pumpkin the Mini Dachshunds
Pocket the Pit Bull Mix
Kenzie the Beagle Bull Terrier Mix
Zeus the GSD
Teddy the Golden Doodle and Baxter the Shih Tzu Mix
Delilah the Boxer Australian Shepherd Mix

Group Class

The weather was perfect for our first Tuesday evening Group Class
Our first Tuesday Evening Group Class

Pics of Some of my Personal Dogs Over the Years

Peanut and T-Chienne (Cajun French for little Dog)
These were the last two little dogs I owned.
Bear the Labrador
Benny the Beagle
Sadie, Bridgette and Sabby (from left to right) the Chow Chows
Poochie the Beagle Mix and 3 year old me
Sabby the Chow Chow and me
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