Private Training Sessions

Training in the comfort of your home and/or various public locations such as a park, and businesses, which are dog friendly. This training format is very flexible and can be tailored to your needs and schedule. The below is a list of the most common training commands that I teach in private training sessions. Please call 817-264-6433 and set up a training consultation.


• Sit • Down • Here or Come • Kennel • Stay

• Wait • Off • Leave it • Free • Touch • Place

Correcting unwanted behaviors:

Pulling on Leash, Excessive Barking, Resource Guarding, Counter Surfing and many others.

Cost (per dog): $100 per session or three sessions for $270.

Virtual Training Sessions

Online Training Sessions via Zoom. I am able to use my dogs to demo, and being able to show you what I’m asking you to do is very effective.

The virtual training sessions are $65 per hour and have to be paid in full, prior to the start of the call using Apple Pay, Facebook Messenger, Venmo, Zelle, or the Cash App.

Group Training Classes – ON HOLD UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE.

The training format for this class starts with one private lesson (a $100 value at no additional cost to you) to get you and your dog ready to attend group class, which incorporates games, socialization and a fun training experience, for both the handler and the dog. One class a week for eight weeks.

It doesn’t matter if you and your dog are at the beginner, intermediate or advanced training level, the training format accommodates all levels in each class.

Please call 817-264-6433 and schedule a free training consultation prior to joining group classes.

Cost: $200

Pet Sitting Services

Pet and house sitting while you are on vacation or out of town on business. Geographic restrictions apply and the rate is per day. 

Cost (1 dog): $25

Cost (2 dogs): $35

Cost (3 dogs): $50

Cost (4 dogs): $75

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