Why Crate Train?

There are many beneficial reasons for crate training.

For puppies and young dogs and even some adult dogs new to living inside, it speeds up the potty training. It’s provides the dog with his/her own private space and keeps your dog safe when home alone, when traveling and in the event of needing to be rescued in a natural disaster. It helps teach your dog quiet time is a good thing, especially in puppies. Both of my dogs are crate trained but I no longer have to crate them when not home or at night, so I don’t.

Currently, they are crated for an hour and a half every Tuesday when the lawn people come. They get a bully stick and they stay quiet and stress free until I let them out. They are in their crates any time people are working in my home and when we have guest over for a party for the first 30+ minutes, then they can come out and greet guests, then they go about their normal dog business.

I leave their crates open and available to them 24/7 and sometimes they just like to go in the crate and nap. The crate is not a bad thing or cruel unless you make it that way for your dogs.

Remi enjoying his kennel

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