Training Charlie

These are raw unedited video clips of me working with Charlie. It’s the good, the bad, and the ugly, including my many mistakes; 1. moving my hand to my chest when he comes to the front position. I didn’t realize I was doing this and it became a hand signal by accident, 2. Rewarding too quickly after the verbal marker, and 3. Accidentally give the incorrect verbal command. All of these were easy to fix because it was not fixing the dog it was fixing me. Charlie is doing very well and his parents sent me an update on his progress. Getting updates like these make me so happy. They are invested in helping Charlie be the best he can be and to continue his training. He is doing so well because his humans are doing the work with him. I built the foundation but they are building everything else that creates a well mannered, mentally and emotionally stable, reliable, and calm dog. A dog they can take anywhere and not have to worry. Training your dog is everyday for the life of the dog.

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