How do I schedule private training sessions?

Please call 817-264-6433 or email lorieatomlin@gmail.com to schedule a free online consultation (does not apply to behavior modification) or an in person consultation for $65. The training plan will be discussed after evaluating training needs and if you purchase training sessions the $65 consultation fee will be applied to your first training session.

How do I enroll in group obedience training?

Please call 817-264-6433 or email lorieatomlin@gmail.com to schedule a training consultation. The group class format will be discussed after the evaluation.

What is the difference between Candid Canine group training classes and the training classes offered at the Big Box Pet Stores?

  1. Candid Canine’s Group Training Classes’ main goal is to prepare your dog for real-life situations so you will be able to take your dog more places with you.
  2. Our classes are held once a week, in real life environments such as parking lots, parks, pet friendly establishments and restaurant patios.
  3. The training activities in each Candid Canine class accommodate all levels of training so it doesn’t matter if there are a mix of beginner, intermediate or advanced participants in the same class.
  4. The training content in each Candid Canine class is not dependent on the training learned in the previous class. This means when life happens different than what is planned, resulting in missed classes, it is easy to get back on track at the next class.

How much are group classes?

The cost for Group Class Training is $200 for an eight week course per dog.

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